7 health technologies developed for veterans

By Susan D. Hall

Technology has always played a big part in providing and improving healthcare for U.S. soldiers, both at home and abroad. For instance, the Blue Button, launched in 2010, initially was designed as a means for veterans to easily access and download their health information to use, as necessary. The technology, which since has been made available to non-veteran patients, as well, continues to evolve, with registration reaching one million patients last summer.

Additionally, U.S. Army medics at Fort Dix, N.J., recently trained using new hand-held technologies and tactical 4G networks. The medics used monitoring devices equipped with streaming video, voice and photo capabilities that were able to send electronic Tactical Casualty Care Cards--TC3s--for individual soldiers. 

In this special report, we detail several technology efforts--including the aforementioned Blue Button--geared toward enhancing care provided for veterans. Click on any of the links below to learn more, and let us know about other innovations worth mentioning in the comments, or via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.