Walgreens, CVS Health say they plan to sell abortion pills following FDA determination

Earlier this week, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted retail pharmacies the ability to sell mifepristone, an abortion pill.

Now, two of the country's largest pharmacy chains have confirmed they plan to secure certification to make the drug available to customers, according to media reports. While the final FDA rule offers the ability to sell mifepristone, pharmacies must choose to make the drug available.

Mifepristone can be used to terminate a pregnancy at 10 weeks gestation or less. 

In a statement to Reuters, Walgreens said it is working through the necessary steps to dispense mifepristone.

"We are working through the registration, necessary training of our pharmacists, as well as evaluating our pharmacy network in terms of where we normally dispense products that have extra FDA requirements and will dispense these consistent with federal and state laws," Walgreens told Reuters.

CVS Health also confirmed its pharmacies are seeking certification in a statement to NBC News.

While the FDA determination makes mifepristone available at both retail and mail-order pharmacies, patients will need to obtain a prescription for the drug.

Abortion access has been a critical topic in the industry over the past several months after a Supreme Court decision last summer struck down Roe v. Wade, which for decades granted a constitutional right to abortion.