GoodRx, Walgreens team to lower prices for 200 drugs

GoodRx is teaming up with Walgreens to offer further discounts on 200 drugs at its pharmacies.

A graphic that digs into new prescription discounts from GoodRx at Walgreens

The new program will reduce prices on these products by 40% on average, and there are greater savings possible on select medications, according to an announcement.

The list of drugs covers a slew conditions, ranging from heart disease to mental health. A number of products included in the program often lack insurance coverage, such as men's health, insomnia, acne and weight loss.

For example, for prostate drug finasteride prices will decrease from $71.58 for a 30-day prescription to $16.88, a drop of 76%. Antidepressant escitalopram will see its price decrease from $34.15 to $14.05, a 59% drop.

These prices will be available to customers without any deductibles, restrictions or paperwork necessary, according to GoodRx. 

“Americans shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to be able to afford their medications,” said Jim Sheninger, pharmacy strategy officer of GoodRx, in the release. “Walgreens has been part of our network since nearly the beginning, enabling us to offer their customers lower prices on the most commonly prescribed medications to make it even easier for people to save money."

"We believe everyone deserves affordable healthcare, and this initiative will help more Americans access the treatment they need," Sheninger added.