The second Democratic debates begin tonight. How well do you know where they stand on healthcare?

Ahead of the debates, test your knowledge of where the 2020 Democratic candidates stand on healthcare issues. (Getty/cbies)

Democratic presidential candidates are set to meet for the second round of debates, and healthcare is likely to be a central topic over the next two nights of discussion.

Need some evidence? Sen. Kamala Harris, of California, unveiled her healthcare platform on Monday, just ahead of the debate. The plan is branded as "Medicare for All" but diverges in some key ways from other candidates who also support the M4A bill.

Can you spot the differences? How about differences between Joe Biden's platform and others who'll join him on stage? Ahead of the debates beginning tonight, test your knowledge of the healthcare issues the Dems have been paying lip service to.

See how you did by submitting your answers and clicking the "view accuracy" button. We'll compile the results and let you know how everyone fared later this week.

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