Amazon looks for an experienced professional to take the lead on HIPAA compliance

Amazon is looking to hire an “experienced HIPAA professional,” yet another signal that the technology giant is gravitating towards healthcare.

First reported by CNBC, the job posting includes desired qualifications for a “HIPAA Compliance Lead.” The company is looking for someone who understands Office of Inspector General oversight and HITECH requirements with five or more years of HIPAA experience and seven or more years in an information technology setting.

Some of the notable job duties include:

  • Creating a HIPAA compliance program that aligns with the company’s business associate agreements well federal and state laws
  • Managing employee education and training
  • Conducting audits and investigations
  • Monitoring changes to state and federal regulations

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Amazon also lists “experience with FDA and the 510K process” as a preferred qualification, along with experience performing IT risk assessments on new technology products, including cloud and IoT technologies.

Exactly how Amazon plans to fill the role of a business associate under HIPAA remains unclear, although the company’s voice recognition software has been used by hospitals to improve compliance with surgical checklists and marketed to patients with dementia. A recent partnership with Merck & Co. looks to use voice-enabled solutions to help patients manage chronic conditions like diabetes.