Women's health company expands to Illinois, will manage one of state's largest OB-GYN physician groups

Unified Women’s Healthcare, a women’s health company, has expanded its physician practice management business to the Illinois market. 

The affiliated practice in Illinois, Midwest Center for Women’s HealthCare, is part of a new strategic alliance with Unified. The practice brings the total number of states in which Unified supports obstetrics and gynecology practices to 17, plus Washington, D.C. Together, these practices provide care to more than 3 million women annually, the company says. 

"We are thrilled to welcome this skilled physician group to our network of more than 2,600 providers and expand our reach into the Midwest,” Unified Women’s Healthcare's president of OB-GYN, Chris Sueling, said in a press release. “Unified offers private practices the business acumen, resources, and innovation they need to thrive, while enabling clinicians to focus on serving patients and improving outcomes.

The Midwest Center for Women’s HealthCare has more than 50 physicians, midwives and nurse practitioners. The practice is the largest single-specialty group of board-certified OB-GYNs in the state, it claims, with 13 offices throughout Chicago’s North Shore and Northwest suburbs. It offers women’s health and surgery care for women of all ages. 

The partnership was formed with the co-leadership of the president and CEO of the Midwest Center for Women’s HealthCare, both of whom now hold roles at Unified as medical director of Illinois and SVP of operations in the region, respectively. 

"Our new partnership with Unified offers our organization additional health management resources and a stronger operational backbone, allowing us to further our mission while focusing on our number one concern—our patients," Midwest Center's president Susan Scanlon, M.D., said in the announcement.

“Our strategic alliance with Unified is part of a growing trend among private physician practices who seek greater levels of operational efficiency, thereby freeing up clinicians to best serve patients,” Midwest Center's CEO Heidi Spears said in the press release. “Through this partnership, our organization will now gain access to the largest OB-GYN management services platform in the nation and tap into state-of-the-art fertility and maternity data analysis tools to enable our doctors to make even more informed clinical decisions for our patients.”

Unified, founded in 2009, supports more than 2,600 providers across 21 markets in North America. It strategically operates, affiliates or invests in businesses aiming to improve outcomes for women. Among its strategic partners is CCRM Fertility, a fertility clinic network operating in North America. Also in its portfolio is Lucina Analytics, a maternal analytics solution that aids in care management.