Psychedelics Today to offer yearlong certificate course on psychedelic therapy

Psychedelics Today, an education company, will soon be launching an in-depth, 12-month training focused on psychedelic therapy and integration.

“In the current marketplace, there’s actually a gap,” the company’s director of operations and strategic growth, David Drapkin, told Fierce Healthcare. Demand for psychedelic therapy is thriving, but the field remains available primarily only to clinicians. As a result, many are giving therapy in an unregulated space.

“The criminalization hasn’t really stopped it; it’s just driven people underground, and that can lead to safety risks and concerns because nobody knows what’s going on down there,” Drapkin said. “They’re still going to work with those people.”

Designed for medical professionals and coaches, the virtual course, called Vital, will consist of five core modules, two electives, one experiential retreat with six options and a final integration project. It was designed by dozens of researchers, therapists and physicians globally. Upon completion, participants receive a Certificate in Psychedelic Therapies and Integration; continuing education credits are also available. 

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The company offers an introductory course on psychedelics, which has already seen 500 graduates. Vital will cover more ground, including how to do risk assessments and build trust with a patient as well as intention-setting before a dosing session.

With FDA approval of many psychedelic pharmaceuticals imminent, Drapkin worries there are not enough trained clinicians equipped to provide the therapies. The healthcare infrastructure is not ready. The goal with Vital is to be an inclusive training space, Drapkin said. Though preference is given to those with prior experience, the course is open to anyone without a license. 

The course will cost $12,000 in addition to the cost of the required retreat. Scholarships are available, and 20% of students will receive one, according to Drapkin. Registrations are currently open. Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis, and scholarship applicants and Psychedelics Today alumni are given priority.

Applications close March 27, and classes are set to begin April 19.