'Podnosis': The crisis in pregnancy care, and Walmart's lessons since it stepped into healthcare

The U.S. is in a pregnancy care crisis. The country has the highest maternal mortality rate among comparable wealthy countries, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data. Senior editor Heather Landi spoke with Alison Cowan, M.D., head of medical affairs at personalized pregnancy startup Mirvie and a practicing OB-GYN, about how to improve and modernize the U.S. healthcare system for pregnant women.

Also, senior editor Paige Minemyer talks to Chinni Pulluru, M.D., vice president of clinical operations at Walmart Health and Wellness, about lessons since the retail giant launched its first health clinics in 2019. With retail’s push into healthcare, these companies promise a more convenient experience, but traditional providers have expressed some concerns as Walmart and others edge onto their turf. 

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