New hybrid provider Enabled Healthcare launches in Washington with a focus on older adults with chronic conditions

Enabled Healthcare, a new hybrid provider focused on patients with chronic diseases, has officially launched in Washington. 

Enabled provides health monitoring and healthcare, partnering with assisted living facilities, residential care facilities and home care agencies to develop personalized care plans for patients. Patients on Medicaid, Medicare or self-pay can enroll for Enabled’s services. 

The company says its equipment, loaded with proprietary software, is free to healthcare organizations. The equipment tracks patient vitals wherever they are, making them available via a dashboard to care partners, family members and patients. Enabled patients will own their own data, according to the company.

“The goal is to allow facilities to also see what medications their patients are on, what allergies they have, as long as the patients consent,” founder Bethany Doran, M.D., told Fierce Healthcare.

Co-pays for patients will range from $20 to $80 a month, depending on a number of factors like a patient’s plan and deductible, executives told Fierce Healthcare. Focused on preventive care and keeping patients out of the hospital, Enabled believes patients will want to engage its services because it is a lot less costly than a hospitalization. 

The hybrid provider will begin seeing patients for in-person visits in Snohomish, Seattle and Spokane, while providing virtual care for patients in rural or central areas of the state. It plans to open to patients in Hawaii in June. Apart from its team of clinicians, which acts as a safety net when patients can’t get an immediate appointment with their provider, Enabled also has a virtual wellness coach for patients.

In select locations, Enabled will also be partnering with companies that can perform mobile radiology services to offer X-rays, ultrasounds, EKGs and Holter monitors.

Doran is a Duke and Columbia-trained practicing cardiologist and bioinformaticist. During her cardiology fellowship, she observed that physicians were "kind of reaching some patients too late in their chronic illness,” she told Fierce Healthcare. A fellowship in informatics and an AI incubator helped her see the potential of technology in healthcare, particularly in rural areas where providers can’t support telemonitoring for chronic disease. Since building out Enabled, Doran has seen “immense demand,” she said. 

The goal of the startup is to move from fee-for-service to value-based care, Doran noted. Eventually, the provider will also be available to Medicare Advantage patients. As a managed services organization, Enabled will be putting together a governing board in the coming weeks.

“Our goal, really, is to be able to innovate and have seamless technology integration,” Doran said, without sacrificing patient privacy. The governing board will act as a safeguard to ensure patients are protected. 

The company has several pilots with healthcare organizations and state agencies currently in place or in discussions. Enabled plans to collect data on outcome benefits in the coming year to help prove out its model. Eventually, Enabled hopes to sell equipment to patients and providers directly, Doran said.