AT&T's 125,000 employees now have fertility, family building benefits through Maven Clinic

AT&T employees now have access to fertility and family building support from Maven Clinic. 

All of AT&T’s 125,000 employees, across corporate, retail, technicians and union, have had access to Maven’s program since the start of 2024, which includes 24/7 unlimited access to guidance around egg freezing, IVF, adoption and more. AT&T has offered Maven’s maternity program since 2021. 

"In today's ever-changing landscape of HR demands, family benefits are a north star for wise employers seeking return-on-investment. More and more employees are demanding fertility support, and employers are listening," Kate Ryder, founder and CEO of Maven Clinic, said in a press release. "Category leaders like AT&T recognize that investing in families yields talent retention, and with it, market success."

Along with the latest coverage announcement, Maven published results from its third annual state of women’s and family health benefits report.

The survey reached 3,000 full-time employees across the U.S. and the U.K. as well as 1,200 HR leaders across both and highlighted the importance of reproductive health benefits to the workforce.

Three-quarters of employers said reproductive health benefits are important for retention, with 41% of employers currently offering or planning to add fertility coverage in the next year.

Meanwhile, nearly 2 in 3 employees were willing to quit their job to get better reproductive health benefits. These benefits are particularly important to Generation Z and millennials. In contrast, nearly a third of Generation X rank menopause support as a top priority.

Most (79%) U.S. employees are concerned about the rising cost of healthcare, with a third expecting to change how they access healthcare because of this, the survey found. In response, more than a third of U.S. companies are consolidating benefits vendors and a third are removing benefits with low or no adoption. 

The survey also highlighted the potential for virtual disrupters to meet the demands of a workforce with little time to travel for in-person appointments. The vast majority of respondents said they are required in the office at least some of the time, and 60% said access to virtual healthcare makes in-person work easier. 

Maven serves more than 700 employers and health plans globally with the aim of providing clinical, emotional and financial support to improve health outcomes and reduce costs for employers. The company was a 2023 Fierce 50 winner.