Where would you go for treatment? Doctors tell all

Where a person receives treatment for a medical condition can make a big difference. So where would a physician choose to be treated for, say, breast cancer or hip replacement surgery?

Medscape surveyed approximately 8,500 doctors from more than 25 specialties asking them where they would want to receive care or where they would send a family member for a complex or difficult condition.

Doctors said the most important factors they consider when choosing a hospital were:

  • The organization had medically respected physician expertise (42%) 
  • A good reputation among colleagues (19%)
  • A  specific physician at the hospital (13%)
  • Access to leading technology (10%)
  • Low error rates (7%) 

Given their criteria, doctors’ choices weren’t surprising, as they picked some of the most reputable hospitals in the country.

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Among all physicians, the first choice of hospital to receive treatment for both breast cancer and prostate cancer was Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.

For lung cancer, the top pick among all doctors was the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

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For a hip replacement, the top pick among all doctors was the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City.

For cardiac conditions, as well as interventional cardiac surgery, the top pick among all doctors was the Cleveland Clinic.

For the treatment of infectious diseases and HIV, stroke care and treatment of multiple sclerosis, doctors in general chose the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota.