UMass Medical School adds substance abuse to curriculum; Inaccuracies in directories make it difficult for women to find OB/GYNs;

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> University of Massachusetts Medical School is changing its curriculum so graduates are better prepared to deal with issues of opioid abuse and dependence, according to The Boston Globe. Article

> Women's ability to obtain current and accurate information on in-network OB/GYN providers is severely hindered by inaccuracies in provider directories, according to a new report from the Maryland Women's Coalition for Health Care Reform. Report (.pdf)

> U.S. public health funding for programs on disease prevention, cancer screenings, contraceptives and vaccines has been steadily falling in recent years and is expected to keep going down, according to new research. Study

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> The horrifying attacks on restaurants, clubs and cafés in Paris last week have resulted in a call by U.S. federal agencies for healthcare providers and hospitals to review their disaster plans and to exercise "enhanced vigilance" in the days ahead. Article

> Electronic health records have the potential to support outcome-based drug pricing, but are not yet capable of accurately tracking a drug's role in improving patient outcomes, such as reducing readmissions, Reuters reports. Article

And Finally...  Bird brains. Article