Oops: Mayo Clinic medical school mistakenly emailed 364 students acceptance letters

A medical student raising her hand in class
The Mayo Clinic's medical school is apologizing after mistakenly notifying 364 applicants they had been accepted to the school. (ESB Professional/Shutterstock)

A technical error caused the Mayo Clinic’s medical school to mistakenly notify 364 students that they had been accepted.

The Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine is apologizing for the error after it erroneously emailed letters of acceptance to students seeking admission to the medical school on February 13.

The school said in a statement posted on its website that a technical error was discovered soon after the letters were sent and the acceptances were withdrawn by email. The school said it has contacted all affected applicants by phone.

“We deeply regret having caused disappointment and stress to these applicants, and we are continuing to investigate the issue,” the school said.

A vendor’s mistake sent an acceptance to everyone who interviewed at the medical school, J. Michael Bostwick, M.D., senior associate dean for admissions, told CNN.

Bostwick said the school makes offers to just 46 students each year and those are always made by phone. Students were contacted about three hours after the initial email was sent to let them know what happened, he said.

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"It's awful. We're still not clear how this happened and we're so upset for these folks,” he said to CNN.

Students reacted with postings on The Student Doctor Network. One student said they had told everyone about their acceptance and had gone so far as to plan a celebration party, as well as withdrawing offers from other schools.

Many hoped for more information from the school. “I would say we deserve to know everything that happened, including the nitty-gritty and details,” wrote one applicant.