MGMA preview: Understand the real risks of social media

Whether you're a fan or a skeptic of social media in healthcare, you won't want to miss the session entitled "How Social Networking Can Destroy Your Practice." This spin on a topic, however, may not be as negative as it sounds.

Rather, the aim of the Tuesday afternoon session (F11), led by Marion Jenkins from the University of Denver, is to get physicians and practice leaders thinking critically about how social media efforts can help reach or detract from a practice's goals. For example, are your employees using social media as a productivity tool or a time waster? Are those in charge of your posts offering legitimate value to your patients, or are they putting your practice at risk?

As FiercePracticeManagement said before, the risks of using social media inappropriately are real, but you can avoid them by arming yourself with the right information. Rather than breeding fear of the unknown or trumpeting the bandwagon, this presentation will identify the actual risks various social media activities may pose to your practice, particularly with regard to the HIPAA security rule. Attend this session if you want an intermediate-level review of legitimate healthcare uses for Web 2.0 technology and how to make such outreach safe and worthwhile for your practice.