MGMA preview: Physician comp: A topic that never gets old

By far, one of the most popular topics is physician compensation. Whether we post a look at the latest survey results (often from MGMA) or insight into upcoming trends, FiercePracticeManagement readers have proven that the interest of this topic will endure.

So it's no surprise that this year's MGMA conference promises to feed your appetite for information on how to fairly and effectively compensate your physicians.

On Monday morning (session A8), MGMA consultant Jeffrey Milburn kicks off the discussion with "Physician Compensation 101." As the business of medicine gets more and more complicated, this overview of the basics serves as an important reminder of what experience has shown works and doesn't work toward meeting the goal of recruiting and retaining doctors. The presentation promises to help attendees evaluate an array of comp plans, develop effective quality incentives, and use physician participation to help boost the chosen plan's success.

But with healthcare integration moving forward at full steam, it's important to take a look at how new dynamics will affect the old rules. On Monday afternoon (session C11) Ron Holder, administrator of the department of surgery at Scott & White Clinic in Texas, will walk attendees through the process of designing a compensation plan for an academic practice or integrated delivery system based on survey data. The presentation also will discuss how to subsidize specialties that can't earn enough to support the going rate for their positions.

And because you never can learn too much about the best ways to pay physicians, a hands-on workshop on Wednesday morning (WS3) gives conference attendees an in-depth look at how the latest comp trends are affecting physicians, practices, and health systems. Justin Chamblee, senior manager at the Coker Group in Georgia, will go over the pros and cons of some popular comp models and explain how recent regulatory changes may play into your plans.