Liaison Healthcare Launches EHR Partner Program™ to provide EHR Vendors with Seamless Lab and Radiology Integration

Connectivity to help EHR vendors check orders for medical necessity (ABN) compliance, prep for upcoming phases of Meaningful Use

Liaison Healthcare Launches EHR Partner Program™ to provide EHR Vendors with Seamless Lab and Radiology Integration

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, a global provider of secure cloud-based and services and solutions, announced today the launch of its Electronic Health Record (EHR) Partner Program. Through Liaison Healthcare’s EMR-Link™solution, the EHR partner gains instant access to orders and results connectivity to over 100 of the major lab and radiology service providers across the United States.

Liaison Healthcare’s EHR Partner Program solves the connectivity challenge between an EHR vendor and the many labs their practice customers use for diagnostic testing. Through its standards-based suite of CPOE components and results delivery solutions, EMR-Link™ strengthens the EHR’s lab ordering and reporting capabilities in several ways:

“With our Liaison partnership, HealthSystems has been able to expand its offerings to our customers for HL7 interface implementations and ongoing support. Our clients have benefitted for in-house labs, reference labs, and other healthcare interface needs as well,” said Larry Stoumen, Chief Operating Officer, HealthSystems. “Their implementation tools provide for an easier rollout and also increase the efficiency of lab orders completed in the EMR. The people we work with are great and the team approach is definitely appreciated by our project managers.”

With the next phase of Meaningful Use (MU) in mind, EHR vendors need to quickly adapt their platforms so that healthcare providers can achieve Stage 2 of MU compliance. By 2014, lab orders must be recorded in the EHR, but to be truly useful, orders should also abide by each lab’s rules and create a requisition that is easy for the lab to fulfill. Because there are thousands of labs across the US, all with different requirements, integration between an EHR vendor and the many labs can be difficult. That is where EMR-Link™ can help.

“Stage 2 Meaningful Use incentives are now driving healthcare providers to leverage the capabilities of interoperable EHR platforms to support connected health,” said Gary Palgon, vice president, healthcare solutions, Liaison Healthcare. “By leveraging Liaison Healthcare’s EHR Partner Program, vendors are supported by a program that augments whatever level of ordering functionality the EHR supports, and also provides immediate access to labs already included in the EMR-Link™ hub. The EHR Partner Program, then, is a win-win-win for practices, EHRs and labs.”

For more information about Liaison Healthcare’s EHR Partner Program, visit .

Liaison Healthcare is a global data integration, harmonization and management company, serving more than 1200 customers within the healthcare and life sciences industries. Liaison Healthcare delivers a solid cloud-based, sustainable solution for physicians, clinics, hospitals, health systems, HIEs, laboratories, and imaging companies to collect clinical data, which can be aggregated, analyzed and reported. Our customized solutions enable all customers to obtain better results measurement, necessary to meet ACO goals, and to secure meaningful use from a wide variety of health information. By connecting healthcare entities and harmonizing complex and disparate data, Liaison Healthcare’s solutions contribute directly to the improvement of patient-care coordination. For more information, visit or call 877.336.5163.

Liaison Healthcare delivers a solid cloud-based solution, EMR-Link, which facilitates the process of ordering and receiving patient laboratory tests and results. EMR-Link™ is live at over 450 sites, supports 15,000 clinicians and 120 labs throughout the healthcare ecosystem. Our solution saves time for clinic staff by using the same simple workflow and electronic interface for multiple lab or imaging vendors directly at the clinical desktop. EMR-Link™ connects laboratories to any EHR system or can be installed to operate independently. Physicians, clinicians, and laboratories benefit greatly from EMR-Link™ by realizing a reduction in cost and time just by streamlining the lab ordering workflow processes. For more information, visit or call 888.806.0309 (Option #1).

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