Healthcare industry adds 46K jobs in October thanks to gains in physician offices

The healthcare industry added 46,000 jobs last month as the industry struggles to climb out of the massive hole caused by COVID-19.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the employment numbers Friday for November that showed the total U.S. economy added 245,000 jobs in November and unemployment went down to 6.7%.

The healthcare industry added fewer jobs in November compared to the 58,000 jobs in October.

However, there were some bright spots in the monthly report.

The industry added 21,000 jobs in physician offices, an increase from last month when offices added 14,000 jobs.

Home Health services also added 13,000 jobs.

Hospitals added 4,000 jobs in November compared to the month before, sluggish growth after the sector added 16,000 jobs in October.

Nursing home employment continued its freefall with the sector shedding 12,000 jobs in November.

The entire healthcare industry has suffered since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic when hospitals were forced to furlough workers and staff after state governments called for them to cancel elective procedures.

Doctor and dentist offices had to shed thousands of jobs at the onset of the pandemic and recovery continues to be sluggish.

The bureau said that overall healthcare industry employment is down 527,000 compared to employment in February before the onset of the pandemic.