Healthcare administrators and physicians see eye-to-eye on patient-centered care

Healthcare administrators and physicians both place high priority on patient communication and clinical team collaboration, a new survey found.

The survey of 1,621 healthcare administrators and physicians by the healthcare recruitment firm Cejka Search found both see eye-to-eye on many top healthcare delivery priorities. Both groups rank effective patient communication and successful collaboration with advanced practitioners and other providers in their top three priorities.

"The findings show that physicians and administrators alike place high priority on patient-centered interaction and care-team collaboration in order to achieve quality care in an era of shrinking per capita healthcare resources," said John Gramer, president of Cejka Search.

While both groups rated patient communication as their number one priority, there's a disconnect on how well physicians meet that goal. The survey found 94 percent of physicians rated themselves as "very good or good" in communicating with patients, while only 62 percent of administrators agreed.

One area of difference was in the importance of quality measures. More than 91 percent of administrators rated achieving quality outcome goals set by the facility as a priority, while slightly less than 72 percent of physicians ranked it as a top priority.

In order to create greater collaboration, participants in the survey suggested that organizations provide:

  • Clinically-oriented training for administrators so they can better understand the day-to-day demands that physicians face when providing direct patient care
  • Educate physicians on the economics of healthcare and the financial constraints that the organizations are under while providing the best possible care

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