Docs don't discuss risks of cancer screening; Exchange glitches persist;

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> Despite the recent industry emphasis on weighing risks and benefits of screenings, many doctors do not discuss the risks of cancer screening with their patients, Reuters reported. Article

> A New York physician has been sentenced to three years' probation for not offering female patients gowns or chaperones during physical exams, the Buffalo News reported. Article

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> The proportion of Americans with heart disease will both increase and live longer, increasing healthcare costs, FierceHealthcare reported. Article

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> Although the Obama administration has been working non-stop the last three weeks to fix the technical problems associated with the federal health insurance exchanges, new issues keep creeping up that prevent consumers from accessing the online marketplaces, FierceHealthPayer reported. Article

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> Former Rep. Bill Gradison (R-Ohio) advocates for a telemedicine bill in the House that would allow doctors to treat Medicare patients across state lines, FierceHealthIT reported. Article

And Finally…A trick turned treat. Article