CVS quits selling cigarettes; Low-income patients four times more likely to skip meds;

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> CVS Caremark announced it will stop selling tobacco products by Oct. 1, the Associated Press reported. Article

One in three Americans with a chronic disease such as diabetes, arthritis or high blood pressure has difficulty paying for food, medications or both—making them four times more likely to skip medications due to cost, Reuters reported. Article

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> Although hundreds of thousands of previously uninsured consumers now have Medicaid coverage, it could take a long time before they feel comfortable enough to seek treatment from a doctor rather than the emergency room, FierceHealthcare reported. Article

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> Newly insured Medicaid beneficiaries need education about how to use their health plan effectively because they're confused about coverage and how to access different types of care, FierceHealthPayer reported. Article

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> Providers of all types and sizes should work to reduce the threat of patient harm when using electronic health records, and learn best practices by using the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT's new SAFER guides, developers said, FierceEMR reported. Article

And Finally…Police chief calls off crime due to cold temps. Article