Considerations for ACOs; Choosing Wisely not enough;

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> Organizations are experimenting with ways to make mammogram call-backs less stressful, NPR reports. Article

Provider News

> Patient experience and access, financial structures and quality of care are must-have elements for all accountable care organization contracts, according to a new memo issued by the Health Care Transformation Task Force, an industry consortium made up of patients, payers, providers and purchasers. Article

Health Payer News

> Additional interventions are going to be necessary if the Choosing Wisely campaign, aimed at reducing the prevalence of generally overused tests that can waste insurers' money, is going to be successful, according to a new study. Article

> When a large, self-insured U.S. firm forced its employees to switch from an insurance plan that provided them with free healthcare to a high-deductible plan, the result was that the employees cut back on healthcare services, including potentially valuable care, according to a study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research. Article

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> Using virtual health technology in primary care could save $10 billion a year and allow treatment of more patients without the need to train more doctors, according to a new report. Article

And Finally… Aircraft can't buzz off until bees do. Article