AMA pushes on SGR; Employment status affects imaging orders;

> One of the most well-received perks of signing up for concierge care is the ability for patients to get good old-fashioned house calls. FierceHealthcare reports on how one pediatrician's house-call business is booming. Article

> The AMA is not backing down on its demands to Congress to avert the scheduled Dec. 1 reimbursement "catastrophe." FierceHealthFinance

> Self-employed urologists are nearly twice as likely as their employed colleagues to order imaging, according to an analysis published in the December issue of the Journal of Urology. Article

> Fueled by the increase of portable testing instruments and the need for quick test results, the number of physician office labs has grown to more than 111,000 in 2010, according to Kalorama Information. Article

> A new line of specially designed clothing keeps chemotherapy and dialysis patients warm, comfortable and fashionable during treatments. Article

And finally... A nurse turned tattoo artist transforms cancer patients' scars into works of art. Story