4 tips to hire and retain office staff

The hiring process takes timeand it should. Rather than rushing to fill the receptionist or biller role at your practice, take the time to interview candidates to ensure the right fit for your practice, advised Carol Stryker, a medical practice expert.

And once you’ve hired the right staff, it is important that you determine the right mix of routine profit sharing and bonuses in order to retain them and keep them motivated, J. Scott Litton Jr., M.D., a Pennington, Virginia-based family practice physician, told Physician Practice.

Other ideas to make sure you hire and retain the best talent at your practice include:

  1. Outsourcing tasks to reduce staff stress. Sometimes, it just makes sense to outsource the most timely tasks, P.J. Clouds-Moulds, owner of Turnaround Medical AR Recovery, told the publication. Two additional benefits? Lower costs and a practice that runs more smoothly.
  2. Encouraging staff to personalize their space. When employees can add posters or photosand even choose their own work titleit can increase productivity at your practice, according to Francesca Gino, Ph.D., a Harvard Business School professor, as FiercePracticeManagement previously reported.
  3. Celebrating success with cash and prizes. Offer small prizes and rewards to recognize team members’ accomplishments. It will also tap into people’s desire to do praise-worthy work. Creating a positive vibe around the office also motivates staff, Catherine Hambley, Ph.D., an organizational psychologist, told Physicians Practice.
  4. Tying everything back to physicians’ work. Doctors’ primary role is to care for patients, but your biller might not see that on an everyday basis. That’s why it’s important to tie everyone’s role back to patient care, Mary Pat Whaley, a practice management consultant, told the publication.