3 ways for doctors to supplement their income


Depending on your schedule and temperament, there are many opportunities for physicians to earn a little money on the side. Still, doctors who do look into these opportunities should be advised that most doctors who take on a side job continue to see patients as well.

Here are three ways that physicians can supplement their income beyond their clinical practice:

Sales. While it requires fortitude, a “tough skin” and a “business mindset,” sales can be a very lucrative opportunity for practicing physicians. What’s key to a successful selling approach is for a physician to fully embrace sales as a part of their role as a practicing doctor, writes Heidi Moawad, M.D., a Cleveland, Ohio area-based neurologist in MD Magazine.

Speaking engagements. Pharmaceutical companies are interested in partnering with physicans who are willing to speak in front of medical audiences. Physicians interested in such speaking opportunities should be prepared to network with other doctors and pharmaceutical executives. Opportunities to serve as a guest lecturer at a medical school or as a commencement speaker or at professional society meetings are also available.

Writing. Still another way to bring in a little extra income is through writing. While such side work is easier to obtain than speaking engagements, it requires doctors to network, deliver written assignments on time and provide compelling, engagement content to readers, according to Moawad.

Additional opportunities to earn extra money include providing expert testimony in legal case and conducing independent medical examinations, as previously reported by FiercePracticeManagement.