UnitedHealthcare rebrands Bind plans as Surest as it eyes further growth

UnitedHealthcare is rebranding one of its fastest-growing health plan designs.

Surest plans, first launched in 2016 as Bind, are available nationwide for self-funded employers and in 11 states for fully insured plans. UHC said it plans to make Surest available as an option for fully insured customers in five more states by the end of the year.

Surest plans have the fastest growth rate among its employer-sponsored plan designs, the insurance giant said Thursday.

The plans offer several key features that offer employers greater visibility into the affordability of care, including no deductibles and coinsurance as well as upfront pricing. Members can access data on both the cost and quality of care through Surest's app, encouraging them to seek care in more high-value sites.

More than half the time, members selected high-quality providers, according to the insurer, and they were less likely to use low-value care, reducing visits to the emergency department by 6%.

“People and employers are looking for a simpler and more sustainable health care plan,” said Alison Richards, CEO of Surest, in the release. “Our new brand name, Surest, helps convey the idea of clarity, confidence and control our members have with their plan.”     

More than 150 employers use Surest at present, with more planning to sign on with the program ahead of 2023 open enrollment. UnitedHealth found that costs were 15% lower per member per month in Surest plans compared to high-deductible health plans. Members' out-of-pocket expenses were 44% lower than those in HDHPs, according to the announcement.

Members are also more likely to select convenient sites of care, with virtual care use 10 times higher than in other types of plans.

Net promoter scores were also higher than industry benchmarks, UHC said.