PACE-focused myPlace Health opens first care center in Los Angeles

MyPlace Health, an integrated delivery organization jointly backed by SCAN Group and the Commonwealth Care Alliance, has opened its first care center, leaders tell Fierce Healthcare exclusively.

The care delivery organization is built on the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly, or PACE, and offers free and low-cost care services. The first center is located in the 95 ZIP code, near downtown Los Angeles, and can reach more than 17,000 PACE-eligible seniors.

Robbie Pottharst, CEO of myPlace Health, told Fierce that PACE is a "gold standard care model," but, despite its strengths, the program hasn't expanded as rapidly as some others.

"I think PACE was one of the shining examples of value-based care before value-based care was a term," he said. "But it has not grown as we hope, or would hope, because the capital requirements are super high."

SCAN and CCA joined forces to launch myPlace Health in 2022, as both are nonprofit health plans that service significant numbers of low-income and high-need seniors. The goal is offer comprehensive coverage and care to seniors that allow them to remain independent for as long as possible.

MyPlace provides health coverage, primary care, specialty care, adult day care and other social activities, medications, transportation and more.

Providers in PACE receive capitated payments Medicare and Medicaid to provide this range of services to seniors.

Pottharst said the myPlace team identified the initial market by "going right to the heart of the issue" and finding a region where the organization could reach a broad array of dually eligible and PACE-eligible people.

"Literally, X marks the spot," he said.

MyPlace Health will open its doors in a second market in 2025, which will serve patients in southern Los Angeles County, the organization said. Pottharst said the team is also looking at other potential partners that will allow it to reach additional markets.

"Right now it is growth, but then equally, making sure that we are bringing all of the clinical resources and social resources to bear so six months down the road, we can see that we've actually turned the tide and helping them to become healthier and remain at home," he said.