Oscar Health inks first partnership for +Oscar Campaign Builder tool

Oscar Health late last year pumped the breaks on expanding its +Oscar business amid implementation challenges.

Now, the insurtech has inked the first provider partnership for its Campaign Builder tool, a move that signals how the company views the future of +Oscar. Associated Medical Care, a Miami-based provider group, will deploy the tool to find new efficiencies in its operations, Oscar executives said during the company's earnings call on Thursday.

AMC, a management services organization built for several independent primary care practices, conducted much of its business in call centers. A digital tool that can automate some of that member outreach, like Campaign Builder, will help it take engagement to the next level, Oscar's Chief Transformation Officer R. Scott Blackley told Fierce Healthcare.

Blackley said that Oscar is aiming to fill a niche for healthcare organizations like AMC that would benefit from technology they don't have the infrastructure to develop in-house. "They just are really the exact type of organization that doesn’t have the ability to build their own technology to do much of this type of member engagement," he noted.

Oscar Health CEO Mario Schlosser demoed Campaign Builder at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference last month and highlighted multiple areas where it could be deployed. For instance, a provider could use the tool to track which doctors are driving the fewest visits for preventive services and then proactively connect with patients who need those screenings.

Blackley said the tool is designed with a simple, drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy for providers to launch the campaigns that work best for them. The Oscar team will provide some examples of campaigns it has used to get the clients started during onboarding.

The tool was designed to fit comfortably within existing workflows to avoid creating additional administrative burden, Blackley explained. "It's basically a tool you can use to orchestrate all of your workflow," he said. 

AMC was a great fit as Campaign Builder's first client because the tool slots neatly into its needs, Blackley said. Also, the two partners already have a working relationship, as AMC is in Oscar's health plan network in Florida.

When Oscar unveiled its +Oscar product in April 2021, it was intended to offer the entirety of its tech stack to potential partners. And while Blackley said Oscar still sees promise in those types of deals, the team realized that it could also take pieces of the full experience to market.

Onboarding the full stack isn't going to fit every potential client's needs, but they may be more interested in specific elements of Oscar's technology, Blackley explained. "We think this is a great example for us to demonstrate that we can do it," he said.