Optum, Sanofi team to make low-cost insulin available to uninsured

Optum is teaming with Sanofi to make low-cost insulin available to people with diabetes who do not have insurance.

The UnitedHealth Group subsidiary announced Monday that it would make a 30-day supply of insulin available for $35 on Optum Store for those who do not have insurance. The insulin is available now for patients who have a valid prescription for the drug.

The news comes on the heels of an announcement from UnitedHealthcare that the insurer will eliminate cost-sharing on five preferred drugs, including insulin and several emergency medications, for people who are enrolled in its fully insured group plans.

“The need for affordable insulin is urgent, especially for uninsured populations,” said Heather Cianfrocco, CEO of Optum Rx, in a statement. “By working with Sanofi, we will improve access and lower costs for people who need this life-saving medication.”

Patients can connect online to Optum Store to determine whether their prescriptions are eligible, and, if they are, download an insulin savings card. They can then take that card to a pharmacy and redeem the insulin prescription for $35, Optum said.

Home delivery is also an option through Optum Store if they choose, according to the announcement.

“This collaboration supports Sanofi’s ambition to ensure every person in the U.S. living with diabetes can access and afford the insulin they need,” said Adam Gluck, senior vice president of U.S. corporate affairs at Sanofi, in a statement. “This collaboration builds on the many programs, like the Insulins Valyou Savings Program, we’ve implemented to help to deliver on our goal to reduce patient out-of-pocket costs by working with Optum to create yet another access point for affordable insulin."