Optum Rx rolls out new weight management program

Optum Rx is launching a new weight management program aimed at improving outcomes and addressing affordability.

The cost of GLP-1 drugs amid continued high demand is a key focus for pharmacy benefit managers and plan sponsors, especially as individual therapies can top $10,000 per year. Through the Optum Rx Weight Engage program, the PBM is aiming to support employers and other clients in designing benefits for their membership.

The team will review the client's goals to build a tailored program that will deploy clinical solutions as well as patient monitoring and motivation and support tools, the company said. Members can connect to an obesity management specialist who will direct them to the appropriate clinical services.

The program also enrolls members in a wellness support component in which a health coach assists with reaching weight loss goals. It will be available beginning on Jan. 1.

Plan sponsors can mix and match elements of the program as needed, including a switch to digital platforms or live coaching.

“Optum Rx Weight Engage offers clinically appropriate programs that support wellness and better health for consumers and solutions to help clients manage drug spending,” said Patrick Conway, M.D., CEO of Optum Rx, in the release. “We will continue our work to lower drug costs while also helping our clients manage an important population need and consumer demand with comprehensive solutions.”

The PBM said that the program is designed to make it easier for members to navigate their benefits and access the services they need.

Optum said it is "uniquely positioned" to address this issue as it can include healthcare services, data analytics and pharmacy management all within the enterprise.