Nomi Health acquires Everyone Health, Sano Surgery to grow its direct contracting provider network

Direct healthcare purchasing and delivery business Nomi Health has purchased sister companies Everyone Health and Sano Surgery for $26.5 million, according to a Wednesday morning announcement.

The acquisitions will help the Utah-based company both expand the breadth of its national provider network as well as grow its collection of healthcare buyer contracts.

The move also comes just six months after Nomi Health shelled out $200 million for analytics company Artemis Health.

“[Everyone Health and Sano Surgery] share in our vision of extracting the complexity and cost from traditional healthcare, so buyers experience substantial savings and, most importantly, patients have greater access to more affordable care,” Mark Newman, founder and CEO of Nomi Health, said in a statement.

“In three short years, we expanded easy access to care to 15 million Americans, while significantly driving down cost of care to buyers. The immediate contributions of Everyone Health and Sano Surgery will accelerate this track record in the years ahead,” he said.

Everyone Health and Sano Surgery have worked in tandem to deliver cheaper all-inclusive care agreements to self-funded employers and third-party administrators.

The former strikes its deals at pre-negotiated prices that, according to the company, save the purchaser as much as 70% relative to commercial fee-for-service rates. Sano Surgery, meanwhile, has direct contracts with almost 6,000 medical facilities, 8,000 lab locations and other physicians across 48 states to secure reduced costs.

“We’ve built a nationwide network of physicians and medical facilities that allows us to bring substantially lower pricing and more transparent transactions to the market, benefiting countless Americans,” said Dutch Rojas, founder and CEO of both Sano Surgery and Everyone Health, in a statement. “As the dual crisis of access and affordability grows on the heels of the pandemic, the time is right to increase our impact as part of Nomi Health.”

Nomi Health, which raised $110 million in series A funding last December, already has a direct care ecosystem combining integrated care delivery as well as an analytics and payment tech platform. Its approach has reached more than 14 million people across the country and cuts an average of 30% off buyers' traditional healthcare costs, the company said.

While this year’s prior acquisition looked to bolster the tech platform, the new buys “accelerate the continued expansion of the company’s network of clinical partners, which is critical as Nomi Health takes its support and services into more communities nationwide,” the company said. It also brings 12 full-time employees, including Rojas, in-house.