MedImpact, GoodRx team on new prescription savings program

Pharmacy benefit manager MedImpact is teaming up with GoodRx on a new program that offers drug discounts "seamlessly" at the pharmacy counter.

Under the initiative, when a MedImpact member gets a prescription filled, the cost under the benefit will automatically be compared to GoodRx's price, with the lower option automatically applied, according to an announcement. What the member pays will apply to their deductible, the companies said.

The program integrates GoodRx's price comparison technology with MedImpact's tech platform and so avoids additional work on the member's part to save money on prescriptions. The program will be available for members Jan. 1.

“This solution allows us to meet Americans where they are by providing them with low prices on their prescriptions without the need for them to compare costs on their own,” said Cynthia Meiners, strategic program development officer at GoodRx, in the release.

“We are bringing together the best of what GoodRx does with the best of what MedImpact does to make it incredibly convenient for MedImpact’s members to start and stay on their prescribed treatments, and to fully integrate their clinical data," Meiners added. "We truly feel the future of healthcare lies in these types of integrations.”

In addition to the prescription savings, MedImpact's platform will offer "rigorous" drug safety checks to warn about any potentially negative interactions.

GoodRx is also integrated with CVS Caremark and Express Scripts, allowing it to reach about 60% of insured lives at the point of sale.

“We are delivering to clients a full portfolio of health, wellness and savings solutions and we see this program as an important part of it,” Marcus Sredzinski, general manager and MedImpact senior vice president, said in the release. “This delivers hassle-free savings to members, while helping payers capture clinical and adherence data they may have otherwise missed.”