Independence Blue Cross taps Uno Health to assist MA members in accessing state, federal programs

Independence Blue Cross is partnering with Uno Health to make it easier for its Medicare Advantage (MA) members to access state and federal programs that may benefit them.

Uno will assist members in connecting with seven different government programs, including Medicaid, PACE and SNAP, that they may be eligible for, the Philadelphia-based insurer said. By enrolling in these programs, MA members could save thousands per year at their pharmacy, doctor's office or grocery store.

Uno's platform simplifies eligibility criteria so members can easily understand them and also connects them with experts who can assist with enrollment.

“We know that taking care of your health is about more than just seeing your doctor. It’s also about managing the cost of prescriptions, premiums, groceries, and other everyday expenses,” said Kortney Cruz, vice president of Medicare sales and marketing at Independence, in a statement. “That’s why we are so proud to work with Uno Health to help educate our members and give them extra help accessing the financial support they’re eligible to receive.”

For example, if a member is undergoing cancer treatment but is not taking chemotherapy drugs because they cannot afford them, Uno will help the member enroll in assistance programs that would help manage the costs of these medications, Independence said. 

Uno and Independence piloted the partnership beginning in June 2021, and, to date, more than 700 MA members have been enrolled in various programs. Uno expects that number to balloon and that savings to be about $1 million per year.

“It was clear from our first conversation that the Independence Blue Cross team truly put members at the center of everything they do,” said Anna De Paula Hanika, co-founder and CEO of Uno Health, in a statement. “We are thrilled to work with Independence to deliver significant copay reductions and savings to their Medicare Advantage members who need the support most. Enrollment into these programs gives members the ability to afford critical health care, directly impacting their health.”