Humana teams with Longevity on new Medicare special needs plans

Humana is teaming up with Longevity Health Plan to expand access to special needs plans in Medicare.

As part of the partnership, the payers will offer special needs plans with a focus on personalization designed to improve outcomes through patient-centered care. Longevity works with skilled nursing facilities on a transparent, value-based model that rewards these providers for improving quality and member experience.

The plan supports nursing facilities in offering comprehensive care to residents that addresses their medical, social and emotional health needs, according to an announcement issued Thursday.

The partnership will initially launch in South Carolina and Georgia this year with plans to continue scaling in the near term. The two insurers said they plan to grow to five additional states in 2024 and then expand further in 2025 to reach more than a dozen states.

Special needs plans combine the benefits of traditional Medicare and drug coverage in Part D but are designed for populations with unique needs, such as those living in skilled nursing facilities or who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid.

“An estimated 70% of Medicare beneficiaries will require institutional long-term care at some point in their lifetime," said George Renaudin, president of Medicare and Medicaid at Humana, in the announcement. "By partnering with Longevity, we will be able to provide integrated care for our members right at the facility where they are living."

“These individuals have unique care needs, and this expands our ability to offer them the best care possible in a way that is better for the member’s health and in an environment that is more engaging and comfortable for their loved ones," Renaudin added.

The partners will launch two products, called Humana Together in Health and Humana Senior Living Plan. These plans will include access to an on-site advanced practice clinician who will provide dedicated care management as well as coordination with the member, the nursing facility and physicians.

The plans also provide comprehensive coverage including $0 copayments for primary care and behavioral health visits, hearing aid coverage, travel benefits and an over-the-counter benefit for health and wellness products. Plans will also include additional supplemental benefits made for patients living in skilled nursing facilities.

“We are thrilled to partner with Humana to offer our innovative, value-based model, which means high-quality care and more personalized attention for its members and greater peace of mind for members’ families,” said René Lerer, M.D., CEO of Longevity Health, in the release. “With the support of the entire clinical team, our local facility-based clinicians provide direct care to members onsite, where they are most comfortable. Our collaborative model strengthens communication between loved ones and the care team, improves access to primary care, and improves timeliness of services.”