Employers are facing solution fatigue. UnitedHealthcare is launching a new resource hub to help

UnitedHealthcare is rolling out a new resource hub that seeks to make it easier for members to use wellness offerings while also easing the financial burden on employers.

The UHC Hub features more than 20 different options, including wellbeing programs that target healthy living and more complex care management. Its network is built to make it easier for employers to find and purchase solutions and to make it simpler for consumers to engage.

It's not a secret that employers are feeling increasingly overwhelmed with the wide array of vendor options available to them. Samantha Baker, chief consumer officer for UnitedHealthcare's commercial business, told Fierce Healthcare in an email that this is a pain point that comes up frequently in conversations with plan sponsors.

"When we work with many employers, we consistently hear about the difficulties in evaluating and selecting health and well-being programs, as well as the administrative burden of managing multiple vendors and contracts," Baker said. "Not only that, but we also know some of these solutions are often underutilized by employees, in large part due to lack of awareness."

Vendors currently available through UHC Hub include Brightside, Maven, Teladoc and Virta. Baker said UnitedHealthcare aimed to offer a "menu" of options and vetted each for clinical quality, ease of use and value for employers.

She added that the insurer is working to expand the slate of programs available through the hub, and anticipates that additional solutions will be added by the end of the year. It's put a focus on further resources on behavioral health, financial planning and specialty care, she said.

UnitedHealthcare said in an announcement that the hub builds on existing advocacy programs that it offers to clients, which help members in finding in-network providers, during a hospital discharge or in reviewing treatment and medication options. 

Many employers view these offerings as a key priority in building out benefits packages, the insurer said.

Because the UHC Hub leans on its existing advocacy programs, members can easily access it through those advocates, online through its website or via its member app. They're then able to then enroll in the offerings that meet their individual needs.

"By clearly displaying the available resources and integrating the experience with our broader advocacy programs, the UHC Hub makes it easier for consumers to review their available options and take the next steps to enroll," Baker said.

The hub is currently available for large, self-funded employers, and UnitedHealthcare estimates that the program could save plan sponsors as much as 15% compared to individually procuring wellness solutions.