Elevance, Hims & Hers, HCA Healthcare named Best Companies to Work For by U.S. News

Elevance Health, Humana, Hims & Hers Health and HCA Healthcare are among the best large, public healthcare companies to work for, according to a new industry-specific ranking published Tuesday by U.S. News & World Report.

The outlet’s 2023-24 Best Companies to Work For industry lists compared employers included on the Russell 3000 index as of June 2023 with at least 75 recent reviews on employer review platform Glassdoor.

The rankers developed one- to five-star ratings for each included company across six weighted metrics such as compensation, work/life balance, stability or comfort.

The ratings themselves are a subjective analysis based on “an editorially curated selection of publicly available employee opinions and other information.” Those opinions were obtained from two sources, Revelio Labs and ESG Book, both of which pull from publicly available information including company websites, Securities and Exchange Commission filings, court records and platforms like Glassdoor or LinkedIn.

“Strikes across industries—including entertainment and automotive—indicate that employees demand employers do more to meet their needs,” Susannah Snider, U.S. News’ managing editor of money, said in a release. “… This list helps them not only understand which companies have the best offerings, but provides them with the opportunity to see where they may be most interested in applying their skill sets.”

The healthcare category of U.S. News’ ranking was largely dominated by pharma and biotech companies, with Illumina, Sarepta Therapeutics, Biogen and Conmed Corp. taking the top slots.

Elevance Health led payers in the No. 8 position with top scores for stability and professional development but an average rating for work/life balance. Other payer and payer-adjacent firms named to the list included Humana (13th), HealthEquity (18th), Cigna (43rd) and UnitedHealth Group (44th).

The country’s large public health systems saw limited representation on the list, with HCA Healthcare standing as the sole representative at rank 50. The 182-hospital organization, which is often the target of labor groups’ ire, did not have its ratings for specific metrics listed on U.S. News’ list but received positive marks for benefits related to tuition and retirement assistance.

Other standouts on the best healthcare employer list included group purchasing organization Premier (20th), analytics company Health Catalyst (26th), value-based care solutions provider Evolent Health (29th), consumer health giant Hims & Hers Health (35th) and home health and hospice provider Enhabit (42nd).

See U.S. News’ full list of top healthcare employers here.