Elevance Health's CarelonRx rolling out new digital pharmacy

Elevance Health's pharmacy benefit manager is launching a new digital pharmacy that aims to make it easier for members to track their prescriptions.

CarelonRx Pharmacy will launch on Jan. 1, and members will be able to connect with pharmacists via text, chat or phone around the clock. The platform will also allow them to check the price of medications for comparison and track their prescriptions throughout the order process, similar to how a customer may follow a pizza order.

The pharmacy will also use push notifications to keep members up-to-date on their prescriptions and will allow them to use text messaging to connect directly with representatives.

“Consumers deserve a positive, convenient experience when it comes to accessing their medications," said Paul Marchetti, president of CarelonRx, in a press release. "Members should be able to easily compare costs of medications, speak to a staff member at any time of day to address questions, be able to track the status of their prescriptions, and have those prescriptions delivered on time to their doorsteps."

All members who choose to use CarelonRx Pharmacy can also select to have their prescriptions delivered to their homes, according to the announcement.

Beginning on Jan. 1, members can request that providers submit prescriptions for maintenance medications to CarelonRx Pharmacy, or can switch their prescriptions themselves. 

The goal of the program, Elevance Health said, is to address gaps in care, drive down costs and improve medication adherence. Carelon has found that home delivery can play a key role in addressing challenges around access to prescriptions, as those who chose to have their prescriptions delivered to their home were more likely to adhere to medications prescribed for mental health conditions like anxiety and depression.

The CarelonRx Pharmacy launch is one of several steps that the company is taking to improve the experience for members. It's also opening three BioPlus specialty pharmacy distribution centers and four new clinical care centers to reach additional people.