CivicaScript teams with SortPak for prescription delivery

​CivicaScript is joining forces with SortPak to bring its generic medications to patients in a more convenient, prepackaged form, the companies announced Tuesday.

CivicaScript is a sister company to Civica Rx and is backed by a slew of insurers including the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Its goal is to bring affordable generics to market for consumers, while Civica Rx focuses more on addressing drug costs and shortages faced by providers.

SortPak, an accredited specialty pharmacy, will offer two services to make managing pharmacy therapies easier, according to the announcement. It will synchronize refills of medications to deliver them to patients in one package as well as sort them into individual dosage packages based on the time and day the patient takes their medications.

The companies will partner first on CivicaScript's treatment for prostate cancer but will expand into other drugs, including the company's low-cost insulin product.

“This partnership builds on our mission to make generic medicines affordable and available to everyone,” said CivicaScript President Gina Guinasso in a release. “Lowering the cost of medicines while enhancing patient compliance and convenience is a win for patients.”

The goal, the companies said, is to offer patients a one-stop shop for both maintenance and specialty medications, and provide them in an easy-to-use way that promotes adherence. By having a consistent and predictable schedule for these products to be delivered, and for them to be taken, it makes it easier for patients to create a daily routine around taking their medications.

The services will be available to patients at no additional cost to the member or their health plan, according to the announcement.

“We’re proud to join CivicaScript to make taking your medicine simple, convenient and more affordable,” said SortPak co-founders Raymond Shirvanyan and Jack Simityan. “This whole-health model is truly the future of health care.”