A look inside BCBSMA's expanded care options for women's health

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts (BCBSMA) unveiled what it’s calling its reproductive health care team in order to broaden the care options available to women.

The company said in a press release that the team will support parents of diverse families. It will be led by an OB-GYN and will also include other clinicians who will work together to help members find the right care.

The team will address concerns about infertility and IVF, maternity and reproductive rights. It will also explain benefits and the resources available for members’ needs, sharing information on policy and authorization status. Advocacy support will include helping members with complex questions, BCBSMA said.

"Far too often, women struggle to get the right care—whether it’s trying to have a family, needing postpartum support, or managing menopause symptoms," Sarah Iselin, BCBSMA's president and CEO, said in the press release. "This new approach will ensure we can show up for our members at all of these critical moments with the care and support they need and deserve.”

In addition to launching the reproductive health care team, the health plan also announced a partnership with Maven Clinic, a virtual clinic for women and families which will be available to members around the clock.

“Maven’s Maternity Foundation program is available at no cost to Blue Cross fully insured 51+ accounts,” the press release said. “The program is also available as an optional service for self-insured accounts, in addition to other Maven programs for Blue Cross employer customers.”

Maven’s reach extends well beyond maternity care, encompassing more than 30 specialties and available in 35 languages. But in terms of maternity, Maven will help members navigate the various stages from fertility, maternity and building families to parenting techniques and menopause.

Neel Shah, M.D., Maven’s chief medical officer, said in the press release that “Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is doing the essential work of reimagining women’s healthcare for its members. We are excited to collaborate closely with their new Reproductive Health Care team on these efforts, ensuring families across the state can access holistic, personalized, and clinically-proven care for every journey.”

In addition, Maven offers:

  • Family planning and prenatal care that includes preconception care and referrals to top clinics or agencies
  • Support from specialists in mental health, nutrition and reproductive endocrinology
  • Virtual doulas for delivery and postpartum support as well as lactation counseling and return-to-work advice
  • As an add-on, reimbursement for breast milk and shipping
  • Sleep coaching
  • Nutrition and mental health support
  • Around-the-clock pediatric support
  • Help for adoption and surrogacy
  • Guidance for menopause and hormone replacement