Alignment Healthcare expanding into 2 new states for 2023

Medicare Advantage insurtech Alignment Healthcare will expand its reach into Texas and Florida, allowing it to reach an additional 1.1 million seniors.

The company will also grow its reach in the states where it currently operates for the 2023 plan year, making its plans accessible to 8.2 million seniors across 52 counties. The expansion is pending regulatory approval and, should it receive the OK, coverage will be available in these new regions beginning Oct. 15, when Medicare Advantage open enrollment begins.

Alignment will add four Florida counties and two Texas counties to its reach. It will also expand into three new markets in California, one each in North Carolina and Arizona and three in Nevada.

“A quarter of our nation’s seniors live in California, Florida and Texas. At a time when both the number and needs of seniors are on the rise, it is critical that we bring our model to more people and accelerate our positive impact on senior care in this country,” said John Kao, founder and CEO, Alignment Healthcare, in a statement.

“Too many seniors remain vulnerable without the care coordination and personalized attention they so desperately need. Putting the senior first is at the heart of our model and our growth strategy," Kao said. "We believe that our data-driven approach has the potential to improve the quality of our members’ lifestyle and healthcare experience across all geographies.”

Members in Alignment's plans have access to benefits such as nonemergency medical transport and virtual exercise classes, the insurer said. They are also able to take advantage of the company's 24/7 on-demand concierge service.

“At Alignment, we treat every member as if they were our own parent. We are continually perfecting a model where seniors can enjoy the benefits of ‘having a doctor in the family’ while upholding our quality of care as we grow,” said Dawn Maroney, markets president at Alignment Healthcare, in statement.

“Our members consistently tell us they love our diverse plans that cater to where they are in their health journey, with benefits that take care of more than just their clinical needs. Alignment’s model enables us to close the gaps of compassion, coordination and cost in order to give seniors an outstanding care experience they need and deserve," said Maroney.