White Paper Outlining How to Achieve 75% Participation in Health and Wellness Programs to Be Presented at Landacorp's 2011 Healt

LOUISVILLE, Ky., Sept. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Landacorp, a Carewise Health affiliate and leader in collaborative care and health management solutions, will present Risk & Reward: A Targeted Approach to Incentives for Health Management Programs, a white paper published by Carewise Health, at its 2011 Healthcare Symposium.

Written by risk management expert and chief actuary for Carewise Health, Jim Dolstad, the white paper explains how organizations can achieve as high as 75% participation in their health and wellness programs; and the importance of incorporating behavior-change theories into any successful program.  Dolstad is the expert behind several studies, white papers and speaking engagements about managing risk for health plans and large employers. He will be sharing his findings and how health plans can minimize risk and reduce costs at Landacorp's event which will be held November 2-4 in New Orleans.

"Health plans and large employers know that lifestyle choices account for 70% of all healthcare costs," said Dolstad. "They also know that data shows 90% of adults have one or more lifestyle risks.  The problem is in motivating these adults to engage in programs designed to help them improve their lifestyle choices and subsequently their health – driving down the considerable and continually rising cost of healthcare."

Dolstad carefully examines the traditional approach to health management and compares it with Carewise Health's recommended multi-dimensional view of health.  In addition, he shares three keys to a successful incentive program and illustrates how understanding human behavior can lead to increased participation.

"We've discovered that risk and reward is the most fruitful combination organizations can use to motivate members to participate in their programs," Dolstad said. "We not only recommend a reward and risk approach to incentives, but also a program that targets specific populations."

You can access a copy of the complete white paper by clicking here.

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