Under Affordable Care Act, coverage increased for immigrants, minorities and poor

Immigrants, minorities and low-wage workers all saw spikes in health insurance coverage rates under the Affordable Care Act, according to an analysis of the 2014 census by the New York Times.

According to the Times, immigrants of all backgrounds had the sharpest increase in coverage, with Hispanics accounting for nearly one-third of the increase in adults with insurance. Low-wage workers saw rates jump as well.

The analysis also found:

  • Part-time workers became insured at a higher rate than full-time workers
  • People with high school degrees got coverage at double the rate of college graduates
  • Adults who were living in houses that were headed by blood relatives gained insurance at double the rate of those in traditional households

Despite the large number of Hispanics gaining insurance, they are still the least insured Americans--only 67 percent had coverage in 2014--in part because so many illegal immigrants are uninsured. But overall, minorities gained more than whites, making up two-thirds of the increase in insured adults across the country and 70 percent of the increase in private insurance, the article says.

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