UMPC banking on collecting disputed $118M from Highmark; CoOportunity Health victim of its own success;

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> The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center remains confident that it will receive $118 million from Highmark in a lawsuit over allegedly breached contracts for cancer care, according to the Pittsburgh Business Times. A court hearing is slated for March 2. Article

> Republican governors in Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, South Carolina and Wisconsin have ruled out the possibility of creating state insurance exchange if the Supreme Court rules in King v. Burwell that the tax subsidies offered on the federal exchange are illegal, Reuters reported. Most other states are setting up contingency plans prior to the court ruling, which is expected in June. Article

> The recent liquidation of CoOportunity Health, which operated primarily in Iowa but also in Nebraska, suggests that the Affordable Care Act's nonprofit CO-OP insurers may be victims of their own success, according to the New York Times. Large numbers of low-income enrollees with significant medical needs could leave the CO-OPs scrambling to meet liabilities. Article

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> Anytime a high-profile figure or company makes a public blunder, the fallout provides valuable lessons for all those in powerful positions--including healthcare executives. Article

> Hospital boards often take on the big tasks of fundraising, finance, and hiring and firing chief executive officers, but many take a hands-off approach to quality issues. Article

And finally … Snow plunges Boston area into madness. Your Senior Editor remains unafflicted. For now. Article