To improve marketing to millennials, consider hiring one

For health insurers, the key to engaging young consumers and improving customer service may just be to put a millennial in a leadership position.

Such is the experience of Network Health, where Director of Marketing Melanie Draheim is helping the Wisconsin-based insurer connect with customers in creative ways and embrace consumerism, according to a blog post published by the Huffington Post.

Draheim helped launch what the company calls the CoCreate Wisconsin Movement, through which 30 team members took a road trip throughout the state to ask millennial customers and non-customers alike what they thought about their health insurance.

"Health insurance as an industry is way behind in terms of customer experience," Draheim says, according to the post. "And it's because no one ever asks customers what they want."

From the CoCreate team's feedback, Draheim says Network Health gained key insights about what consumers want. For instance, the insurer decided against switching to a long touchtone menu on its customer service line when feedback indicated millennials liked being able to talk to a person right away.

Similarly, results from the CoCreate experiment led the company to tweak its wellness-related communications with customers to be more engaging and rewards-focused, according to the post. It also wants to develop a wellness app that allows members to easily track their progress and submit information about activities in real time.

Network Health isn't alone in its increased focus on millennials: Health insurers including Aetna and Cigna have stepped up efforts attract millennial employees in addition to outreach efforts to enroll more millennial members.

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