Texas, Louisiana, Kansas file suit over ACA provision; Ben Carson wants to end Medicare, Medicaid;

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> Texas has filed a suit against the Obama administration over a fee on health insurers imposed by the Affordable Care Act, the state's attorney general announced. Louisiana and Kansas also have joined the suit, according to The Hill. Announcement

> Wheelchair users are petitioning the federal government to stop changes in Medicare reimbursement policies that would make it more difficult for them to obtain custom wheelchair accessories and seating systems, the Tri-City Herald reports. Article

> Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson says he wants to eliminate Medicare and Medicaid, replacing the programs with health savings accounts that would be funded with $2,000 a year in government contributions, Politico reports. Article

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> Is the U.S. healthcare system on a course destined to suffer a "fatal accident"? Yes, according to commentator Charles Hugh Smith, who says the current healthcare system cannot continue to operate in this manner for the long run. Article

> Four operators of urgent care centers in and around New York City have agreed to disclose more pricing information to patients after they came under pressure from the state attorney general, according to Kaiser Health News. Article

And finally… Well, I'll be dammed. Article