Some states want more authority over Medicare Advantage

Some state officials want more regulatory authority over Medicare Advantage plans. Right now, state regulators can't impose sanctions on Medicare Advantage plans; only the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has that power. But some state officials say CMS isn't doing its job, so they'd rather take action directly against insurers. For example, Minnesota officials don't want CMS to have a "monopoly" on Medicare Advantage oversight. "We think states should have authority over improper determinations by Medicare Advantage plans," Minnesota attorney general's office spokesman Benjamin Wogsland told the Center for Public Integrity. "If they (CMS officials) don't take action, there's no other remedy." And other state officials, including Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen, have been disappointed about the lack of action taken by CMS. Jepsen wanted CMS to "aggressively scrutinize" UnitedHealth's decision to drop thousands of doctors from its Medicare Advantage networks. Article