Silver Plan enrollees to pay 130% more for prescription drugs; Missouri to issue criminal background checks for navigators;

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> People enrolled on the the Affordable Care Act's most popular option, the Silver Plan, would likely pay 130 percent more out-of-pocket for prescription drugs compared to those on employer-sponsored plans, according to a new study commissioned by PhRMA. Study

> Arkansas received permission to use federal money to help low-income residents purchase private coverage through the public exchange system, according to LifeHealth Pro. Hospitals noted that this has helped in reducing the number of patients who are unable to pay bills. Article

> A Missouri bill voted on Thursday requires criminal background checks for individuals applying for state licenses and to work as insurance navigators, reports the Associated Press. Those with past criminal records that involve fraud or dishonesty would not be considered for the job. Article

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> Diabetes is endemic in the United States, and it generates an outsized number of pricey hospitalizations in California, according to a new study. Article

> Several healthcare finance transparency measures could save the sector as much as $100 billion over the next decade, according to a new analysis. Article

And Finally... Happy Random Cartoon Friday. (You didn't know there was such a thing?) Article