Shareholder sues Cigna due to proposed merger; China to expand health coverage for citizens;

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> Some Congressional Republicans are now saying they would rather use the tactic known as budget reconciliation for a bill than stands greater chance of becoming law than an attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, The Hill reports. Article

> A Cigna shareholder has filed a proposed class-action lawsuit, alleging that the company's agreement to be acquired by Anthem is a breach of fiduciary duty by Cigna's board of directors, Law360 reports. Article (subscription required)

> China plans to expand health insurance in the country to cover 50 percent of its residents' medical costs as well as all critical illnesses, Reuters reports. Article

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> Physicians say that patient safety is often at risk because of ineffective communication during the emergency department handoff process when patients are moved to inpatient units. Article

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> New regulatory policies and digital transformation are growing the health IT market in 2015, which is making IPOs a more attractive option. Article

And finally … Why we can't have nice things. Article