Payer Roundup—Idaho takes another step toward a scaled-back Medicaid expansion

Idaho has taken another step closer to a scaled-back version of its voter-mandated Medicaid expansion, plus more healthcare news. (Getty/designer491)

Idaho House passes bill adding work requirements to Medicaid expansion 

The Idaho House passed a bill, 45 to 25, that would add work requirements and other restrictions to Medicaid expansion. This attempt by House Republicans to restrict the public funding was previously approved by voters as well in November elections. 

A competing Senate bill, sponsored by Senate Health and Welfare Chairman Sen. Fred Martin, a Republican, would ask Medicaid recipients to attend voluntary job training programs instead of mandatory work. The bill will be brought to the full Senate early next week.

House Assistant Minority Leader Rep. Ilana Rubel, D-Boise, estimates the bill would create an additional 22,000 people not able to receive Medicaid, adding to the number of adults between 100% and 138% of the poverty line. (Post Register)


13th Partnering with ACOS & IDNS Summit

This two-day summit taking place on June 10–11, 2019, offers a unique opportunity to have invaluable face-to-face time with key executives from various ACOs and IDNs from the entire nation – totaling over 3.5 million patients served in 2018. Exclusively at this summit, attendees are provided with inside information and data from case studies on how to structure an ACO/IDN pitch, allowing them to gain the tools to position their organization as a “strategic partner” to ACOs and IDNs, rather than a merely a “vendor.”

Arkansas Medicaid work requirement not increasing jobs or coverage

Data from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities suggests that Medicaid beneficiaries in Arkansas who face work requirements are not finding jobs and are not likely to have health insurance. 

State officials began implementing work requirements in 2018, and those that fail to meet the requirements are blocked out of Medicaid for a year. More than 18,000 Arkansas Medicaid members have lost coverage since the new program began in June. (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Aliera members to receive free MinuteClinic care

Aliera Healthcare has partnered with MinuteClinic to give its members access to CVS Health’s pharmacy-based clinics for free. All members, across all individual and group health plans, will not be required to pay deductibles or copays. 

MinuteClinic—located in CVS Pharmacy and Target stores—is now available in 1,100 locations across 33 states and offers consultation with licensed nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

“The alliance with MinuteClinic is a great step forward in providing our members with a wider range of convenient, high quality healthcare choices,” said Aliera Senior VP Chase Moses. “We believe our members will take comfort in knowing they have this outstanding option available and are pleased to be affiliated with one of the industry’s most iconic brands to enhance our traditional and nontraditional healthcare plan offerings.” (BusinessWire)

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