PopHealthCare launches new national medical group, Emcara Health

Home health senior nurse
GuideWell's PopHealthCare is launching a new national medical group. (KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty)

PopHealthCare, a subsidiary of GuideWell, is launching a new national medical group that aims to offer a slew of value-based care services to payers nationwide.

The new group, Emcara Health, is backed by support from GuideWell, which is also the parent company of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, or Florida Blue. The company is aiming to become a market leader in home care through its slate of services, including a 24/7 Home-Based Advanced Primary Care offering, aimed at seniors and adults.

Emcara's goal is to reduce the total cost of care by 10% to 20% without compromising on quality and patient experience.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the recognition that home-based care solutions maximize patient engagement and deliver better health outcomes for vulnerable populations," said Kirk Stanley, president of PopHealthCare, in a statement.

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"Having conducted more than 500,000 member-months of in-home/facility clinical management and 250,000+ patient home visits during the past seven years through our CareSight offering, we have seen firsthand how care in the home can deliver a higher quality care at a lower cost," Stanley said. "With Emcara Health, we are reimagining how healthcare is delivered by making a patient's home, including assisted living facilities and other institutional settings, the primary point of care."

Emcara will serve a number of insurance segments, including Medicare Advantage, Medicaid managed care and Affordable Care Act exchange plans.

Other services on its slate include short-term options like in-home assessments, social determinants of health risk assessments, transition of care services, emergency room diversion and in-home palliative care.

The company is aiming to dramatically expand access to home care for vulnerable patients, and it sees particular opportunity in Medicare Advantage, according to the announcement.

"As more and more companies seek to deliver care in the home, it's important for health plans and at-risk provider groups to evaluate the various options they have in order to choose the right partner," said Chris Dodd, chief medical ffficer for PopHealthCare, in a statement.

"We believe an objective assessment of the experience, expertise and proven results delivered by Emcara Health sets us apart," Dodd said. "As our teams continue to reimagine the way healthcare is delivered with our patients and trusted partners, we are excited about the possibilities that lay ahead to truly transform the U.S. healthcare delivery system."