Payer Roundup—Graham still trying to make ACA repeal happen; Vermont approves Canadian drug imports

Washington, D.C. National Capitol Building

Graham attempts to revive ACA repeal 

Sen. Lindsey Graham is preparing to take another stab at repealing the Affordable Care Act, following Republicans' failed efforts last year.

The South Carolina senator said Wednesday he is working on an updated version of last year's 'Graham-Cassidy' bill, which, along with rolling back much of the 2010 law, would have given control of the Medicaid program over to the states and capped the program's funding. 

Graham is working with the conservative groups Heritage Foundation and the Galen Institute on the new legislation, The Hill reported. Congressional Republicans have even less wiggle room than last year to try to repeal the ACA, following the loss of both a Senate and House seat. The GOP currently holds the Senate 51-49. (The Hill)

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Tennesseear voters want to expand Medicaid, complicating Senate race

Not only do red-state residents want to fix and not repeal the Affordable Care Act, they apparently also want to expand Medicaid. 

A new poll by Vanderbilt University finds Tennessee voters want to expand the Medicaid program by a more than two-to-one margin. The poll follows another recent survey that found red-state voters would rather see lawmakers fix, not repeal, the ACA, which could put Republican candidates in a bind later this year.

Tennessee is holding several statewide elections in November, including a competitive U.S. Senate race. The likely Republican nominee, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, has previously supported legislation that would end expansions in 2020, which could put her at odds with voters. (Poll [PDF])

Vermont opens drug imports from Canada

The Green Mountain State has become the first to legalize importing medication from Canada, putting it at strong odds with the Trump administration.

Republican Gov. Phil Scott signed the measure into law Wednesday, but the Department of Health and Human Services has yet to certify the state's program, Politico reported. 

The program could put the White House in a difficult position, as it opposes such imports, but Trump has strongly pushed for initiatives and programs to lower drug prices. (Politico)

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